23.12.2020 new section


...is now a new section that can be checked. I will provide there all the music that can be downloaded to your personal computer.
For now you can find there links for
Forgiven Forgotten Fallen game soundtrack
and for music pack for the game Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

17.02.2015 More albums

More time...

...that I spend on new projects force me to think about things I have done in the past and did not share them with others.
Now with the Discography page I will. For now there are three albums that I like and were done up to 6 years ago.
In time I will provide more. Stay tuned. Literally...

25.06.2013 One more...

Back in 2003 I was probably alone...

...but now when I was trying to find my band page on soundcloud using the name n.e.s. I found hundrets results.
Obviously there have been few pages related to music from Nintendo console, but there were tens more with every possible way of writing it.
I should reconsider (once again this year) of changing the name of it.
Or maybe using the whole name... But how was it? (sic!) Who would remember it...

25.06.2013 Page is almost complete

But the work on a album for ForgivenForgottenFallen on progress...

There are few ideas already. Two tracks have been used in pre-alpha releases of game, but for completing whole album I will need more time.
Still can't decide wheter some tracks should or shouldn't be there on that specific soundtrack album.
By the way, when the game will be on the final stage, OST will comes with it as a bonus.

15.06.2013 Welcome to n.e.s.

Completely dedicated page for N.E.S. for the first time in history of universe

This is N.E.S.. It is a project created in 2003 when I even didn't think that I may like to create music.
It started with joke, but become something serious me.