1.0.0 prealpha - Download page fixed!

Download page is now fixed. We decided to use Mediafire for sharing the files due to problems with sharing on our site with custom php scripts to count the download amount.
If you want to provide some feedback, send us an email.
Checkout download page for more details.


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 1.0.0 prealpha released!

New features

Indiana run mode now works

This mode allows player to replay procedrurally generated mazes over and over on the higher difficulty
Saving between level supported
Milestones - you can start from every 10 levels you finished
Beat 100 levels to gain achievement


Player can now gain achievements for completing the game, indiana run and every 10 levels of indiana run.


Minor changes to cementary level and Daimos.
Credits can be exited at any time.
Loot sacks now dissolve after picking up.
Lack of stamina makes sound at 10% instead of 30%


Removed restart buttons as they were causing some problems.

Few words

Note: Remember that in the game F1 is a key to open help menu.
This is the last release of pre-alpha. It was not meant to be created but as exe file for Windows dissapeared from the download page, and there were couple of requests over the years to make it working again I have decided to release this final version with some changes as a bonus.
Overall the game should run simillar to what you have seen before. Nothing drastic was changed.
I have a little surprise as well. I am releasing whole soundtrack from the game in a separate archive. Please check out the license attach to it before you consider using it in your projects. (It is basically CC3.0, it is summarized here)
Checkout download page for more details.


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.1.0 alpha wip!

I have created you tube channel where I will be placing

information about the progress on the development.

Youtube channel...


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.9.0 pre-alpha released!

As the major features for pre-alpha are completed

this release focused mostly on fixing old bugs

and making game more challenging and interesting.

As there is only one last release to go before

going to alpha, you may expect many new changes

of the web page in the future.

Have fun and please report issues on the forum.

Detailed changelog

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