Contest rules

1 To attend you have to report bugs and request new features in total number of 10 or more.

2 You can request 4 features and report 6 bugs or report 10 bugs or request 10 features, whatever

3 Any combination is legit, but there have to be at least 10 issues reported with email of participant

4 Additionally you have to send email on info@genuitx.com from email that was in issues

5 In email you have to make a queue of games you would like to win 1.Game1, 2.Game2, 3.Game3

6 The fastest will win, if you will be the second and first person has chosen game which was wanted by you, you will still win game2 from your list

7 Contest ends at January 28, every email after that date wont be taken into consideration

8 Write in email do you want to be shown in main page of GenuiTX as a winner (if you will win :) )

9 As a game it is meant a serial key to be activated in Steam

10 Bugs have to be legit in version 0.5.0 pre-alpha, feature request are up to you

11 Bugs are not related to inventory system. It is not completely finished


13 Only 3 people can win this time!

14 You can write only one or two games if you are not interested in rest

Games to win:

Game1: Trine 2: Complete Story Steam Key

Game2: Bastion Steam Key

Game3: Mirror's Edge Steam Key

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