Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.8.0 pre-alpha released!

This release provides many new elements to the game.

I have added 3rd episode which will be the last in pre-alpha code-line.

New system for doors and walls will provide more beauty to the game.

Overall difficulty increased however its progression is wider as spread through more levels.

At last I have spent some time on optimization so the game should work better on slower machines.

In addition to above there were dozen of bugs fixed and many more small changes, check the changelog for detailed information about them.

Have fun and report all issues on the forum!

Detailed changelog


Status and small preview

26 tasks down, 120 to do.


Map and compass

Map and compass are now working together.

While having both, your location will be shown on the map.

In addition to that there are two new passive items planned to be added

which will also have some effect to the map.


Wall system is ready, door system WIP

New wall system is done. All walls are now taken from models and placed

also for rooms and around the doors.

New system will also need to update how doors are created (similarly to walls) and how

models are used instead of using single model with re-texturing.

Below you can see three pictures from the game where first doors are presented.


It has been a long time in a far away fantasy

5 months ago I stopped working on FFF to help my friends finish other project - Nelderim.

It is a custom Ultima Online server with which I am related for over 8 years.

Nelderim is a MMO game located in a fantasy world dominated by 4 races.

It is available for free but the main language required to play is Polish so if you know it

you should try the game at www.nelderim.org

Most of the time I spent there on developing Town Management system, had fun and learned a lot.

I have finished over a week ago so immediately Ive jumped back to work on FFF.

So far I have added new download system which will now track the amount of downloaded archives.

In addition to that I started to work on design and implementation of new wall system

After first tests it seems that it will look much better, still I need to find balance

between beauty and speed. After all this release' main goal is optimization.

You can see that walls are more detailed now, also they work much better with lights.

Ambient is better as well(roof and floor is disabled in this showcase)

I will show more demos when this system will be ready.


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.8.0 WIP

Base on the feedback I've received the major problem seems to be performance.

For addressing that issue I will add more video options such as:

textures size - will allow users to choose between low/high resolution textures (additionally to screen resolution)

at least for some of the objects (most often used like walls)

fog range - will be used to determine player seeing range

brightness - probably with correlation based on predetermined brightness examples

Another important issue that was observed was monotony of the mazes. For that I am planning to rework the walls

and doors objects, so now on they will be more unique and look better.

Additionally there will be more secret rooms: activators types, secret treasure and secret monsters.


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.7.0 pre-alpha released!

After spending last two weeks mostly on testing, dozens of bugs have been discovered.

Most of them were fixed, however while I was running out of time, some of them

have to be accepted to be in this release. They are marked as known issues.

Anyway this release was very big and I hope it will provide some fun!

Detailed changelog


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.7.0 WIP

All mandatory features (and much of optional) have been implemented.

I plan to have 2 weeks of testing, bugfixing, polishing, implementing small features

and make a release at 6th of September.

Below one of secret locations


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.7.0 WIP

Small teaser of new enemy:


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.7.0 WIP

This release will be focused on adding new stuff.

I am not planning to spend much time on polishing and optimization, but

still there will be few issues fixed that were alive for a long time e.g.:

- alt+tab support,

- traps appearing in the spawn point.

Small preview:


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.6.1 pre-alpha released!

New in FFF 0.6.1 pre-alpha:

Setting for disabling bobbing

More detailed changelog


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.6.0 pre-alpha released!

New in FFF 0.6.0 pre-alpha:

New mode - Indiana run

Inventory system

Procedural enemies levelling

New maze generator

And more

Changes in FFF 0.6.0 pre-alpha:

Modifiers improved

And more

Bug fixes in FFF 0.6.0 pre-alpha:

Cant shoot enemies from other room

And more

More detailed changelog


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.6.0 WIP!

Massive changes ongoing.

I'm covered by tones of lines of code and ideas.

Moving forward...


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.6.0 WIP!

FFF 0.6.0 is finished in 33%!

Meanwhile I would like to present a demonstration of a completely new maze generator. You can try its power by yourself here ShowcaseGenerator

As you may notice, rooms have been added to the maze. That should add some variety. Additionally doors will be locked! Keys and locks are shown by numbers.

Take care!


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.5.1 pre-alpha released!

Quick update to add possibility to skip intro. Use Enter for that.


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.5.0 pre-alpha released!

That was the biggest release I have ever made. During last week I had only one task left to finish. But it has grown bigger and bigger,

eventually amassing to something like 30 regular tasks. In total there were 86 tasks closed in this release (more than 110 counting this last one)

while in the past around 60 was maximum!

I tried to add more value to user experience. Now the game should provide more fun. At least so I hope.

As this is half way to final version of pre-alpha we should celebrate it. I am organizing a small contest

Details in here: http://www.genuitx.com/genuitx/contest.html

New in FFF 0.5.0 pre-alpha:

High-score page

Level schedule

Sounds for some enemies

Inventory system

Spawner system

Many new items in game

New game mode - episodes

4 new levels - 6 in total

Transition between levels

F1 help - key mapping

Riddles introduced into game!

Music dynamics system - tracks are now chosen accordingly to level type

Save game - you can play next level later but exiting level during game will affect destroying save, sorry

Gold bricks, tasty

New light system introduced to all lights in game

Every 100 gold there is neat sound

Changes in FFF 0.5.0 pre-alpha:

Weapons changed a little, they making more damage, timers were changed a little for better feeling

Fireball back in game, was weakened but it is still powerful

Name to be send to high-score list was limited in length

Player can look straight down now - only in mazes(reported by user)

AI was improved, enemies are more realistic, they are not so aggressive as before

Many models have been reduced in polygon number, more than 20 000 polygons in total reduced

Path-finding improvement (some people may call it bug now :P )

Mazes size have been reduced, currently there is only something similar to previous medium

Bug fixes in FFF 0.5.0 pre-alpha:

Incorrectly counting gold during lag (reported by user)

Two treasures in one maze (reported by user)

Poison is not affecting player in next level any more

Fallen cherub boss cant be invoked (reported by user)

Info hud fixed

Known bugs in FFF 0.5.0 pre-alpha:

Inventory not finished, has a lot of bugs

Some animations are not correct - like electric shock effect

Spider boss acid ball is not following proper path of shot



Below graphs are representation how the work on FFF is progressing. They show how many tasks have been created

and how many have been finished in specific amount of time.

Last week wasn't very effective base on graphs, however there were a lot of work out of the box.

Below you can see how this project looks in number.

Only two tasks were closed, but they were big (self assurance is important!).

From above it can be seen that I am not able to follow all ideas by myself, but it's better to have a pool

to choose from when planning next release than trying to come up with ideas in a rush.

They might be finished later! (self-assurance!)

The other thing is that most of the work is done during the weekends. Which is obvious having a regular job during work days.

And here the most precious graph. 300 days haven't passed yet but I'm really glad that I was able to form most of my ideas

into digital form.

There are a lot of notes on my desks.

Below few examples.

At the end, new neutral monster.


Another crypt

After first was finished I started to work on second one, quite bigger

Next picture is a big spoiler from the next game version. Open it on your own risk :)


Work on new crypt

Little presentation of current stage.


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.4.0 pre-alpha released!

During this release I mostly focused on designing and implementing AI system. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence but it does not mean it is smart as human.

Especially at this stage, it is very dumb. I manage to set every enemy to use AI differently so it will be very useful if you will provide me

the information which of those enemies are working fine and which are not. For doing that please use Request a new feature which is located on the right ->

It is highly recommended to use button at the top for providing information about bugs.

All support from you is noted and will be rewarded at some point. Basically I was thinking about putting all of supporters names (with favorite quotes)

in in-game credits. Additionally the most active supporters will be rewarded with special edition of the game after the final version will be released.

New in FFF 0.4.0 pre-alpha:

AI system

GUI polished and resolution aware

Settings are now saved in file and will be loaded on every game restart

Sound on jump

Ability to sprint

Accuracy measure

New trap - spikes

Boss system with two bosses

New game ending - collecting treasure chest is not enough

Subtitles system (not used in this version)

Four new music tracks

Menu buttons - easier to use them, but they're bugged

Two new walls schemes

Rat - neutral monster that wont attack player but will be interested by his presence

New enemy - very rare

Changes in FFF 0.4.0 pre-alpha:

Weapons parameters

Bible card temporarly removed

Treasure chest model & animation

Menu polished (especially high-score & statistics)

Shooting even more accurate

Sawn-off reload time shortened

Bug fixes in FFF 0.4.0 pre-alpha:

Power ups reset on new game

Enemies attacking after theirs death

Player see and shoots through walls

Known bugs in FFF 0.4.0 pre-alpha:

Old revolver is too loud

Menu buttons background is not properly set up

Poison may not be cleared after new game

Second treasure chest remains after last game


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.4.0 pre-alpha in one week!

Hopefully I will be able to finish current version till next Sunday.

Current main issue is to finish basis of AI that will maintain every enemy.

Meanwhile there is always some time to finalize or introduce new features.

Here is the first neutral NPC

and that big guy is one of two special NPCs that will be introduced in this version

...well, he is not a sissy

Any suggestions or bugs may be send using buttons visible on this page - Report a bug or Request a new feature


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.4.0 pre-alpha in two weeks!

New version will be released in approximately two weeks.

Secret passage will lead you to...

...secret place


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.3.0 pre-alpha released!

New in FFF 0.3.0 pre-alpha:

New light added - electric lamp

Old revolver returned to game with new model and fixed texture

Mouse scroll is now supported as a weapon changer

Animation for all weapons added

New GUI icons


New enemy - Black Cherubin

Menu has been created from the scratch

New enemies - Red and black meduzas

Chains and voodoo now possible to find in mazes

4 new music tracks added

Another two walls scheme added

New monster skills: poison and confusion

New monster skill: magick!

Highscore server has been introduced - TOP 5 players will be available to see in game

Final score is now calculated differently, a lot of parameters are taken into the account

New weapon - lateres et coquamus eos igni ???

Tweaks and fixes minor things

Bugfixes in FFF 0.3.0 pre-alpha:

Loop sound while starting the game

Marbles are now counted to gold amount

Modern revolver reload sound synced with animation

Meduza collision fixed

Player starting spawn point

Speed power up time

Weapons avatars now not colliding with walls

Targeting fixed - weapons now shoots where they should

Closed first room wont appear

Killed enemies are counted properly now

Known bugs in FFF 0.3.0 pre-alpha:


Forgiven Forgotten Fallen 0.2.0 pre-alpha released!

New in FFF 0.2.0 pre-alpha:

Basic Maze Generator rewritten from scratch

Wall with doors

Additional treasures to collect

Two new guns added: SawnOff and rifle

Two new monsters

One new trap

New static thingies added

New light system


New sounds

New ambient music

Quit button!

Several fixes

Known bugs in FFF 0.2.0 pre-alpha:

Fallen cherub performs insta kill

Maze sometimes lock player in first room

Obvious shots misses

Menu not resizing based on resolution

Demo_0.11 released! Windows FFF_Demo_0.11

New textures, life system, traps, walls items, smaller structure parts,

win/lose detection, death, BasicMazeGenerator rev 0.1, music, sounds, score,


First interactive demo Demo18.04.2013.html

+ new gun model (moder revolver), muzzle flame, hit spark, new building, tower retextured, more dummies, firing improved 210321013 tech demo

FFF tech demo - changelog

+ gun model follows hand, shoot/reload: sound, amount of bullets/clips, dummies to shoot 200321013 tech demo

+ fall damage, new sounds, gun model, zoom effect: 190321013 tech demo

+ 'quest', tower: 12032013 tech demo

+ walk/running sound: 11032013 tech demo

+ landscape, music: 090321013 tech demo

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